Inspired by…End of the year Photo Challenge: Resilient

Just a couple days ago, I discovered a part of history that was unknown to me in Saint Malo, France. I have ventured to this seaside town many times since moving to France almost two and a half years ago, but I had never seen the historical Tour Solidor, or the Solidor Tower. It has its own place separate from Saint Malo’s famous walls that surround the historical part of the town. I took these pictures just before entering and directly after the visit. I am always amazed at architecture dating back hundreds of years and how resilient they were made to be.

Tour Solidor.png
Tour Solidor – Saint Malo, France

Built in the 15th century, although a similar tower has been mentioned as far back as the 12 century, the tower has stood the test of time, including powerful sea storms, numerous wars, and centuries of wear and tear. Today, as you enter each room and climb up the stone spiraling stairs to the very top, you will find it houses a collection of nautical art and artifacts, model ships in different sizes, and various maps exhibiting the first expeditions in the 14th century from Europe to Cape Horn. A great example of being resilient!

Tour Solidor at sunset.png
Entrance to the Tour Solidor at sunset – Saint Malo, France

It was near sunset when I visited the museum and when I got to the top and exited to the outdoor area that spans around the tower, I was amazed at all the beautiful colors of the sunset that was being created in the sky. At this moment, as I was gazing at this magnificent view on top of this historical tower, I wondered to myself: how many people have been as in awe as I am throughout the centuries to see a sunset like this?

Tour Solidor sunset.png
Sea view next to the Tour Solidor, direction Barrage de la Rance – Saint Malo, France

So far, this winter has brought some amazing skies to please our eyes!


Inspired by… Photo Challenge: Resilient


Disclaimer: ALL pictures are taken by myself and are not to be reproduced without my knowledge and permission.

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  1. Perfect landscape for relaxation! You had a superb sunset in front of you! Thanks for sharing it!

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    1. Thank you so much! And you’re very welcome! It was a gorgeous sunset, indeed!

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  2. ivy says:

    Beautiful photos!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed snapping away to get the best captures!

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